The must have tool for every camper

Tool for hammering in windbreaks

Easy Windbreak Tool creates a barrier between the windbreak pole and the hammer preventing the pole from splitting whilst keeping your hand out of harms way

How to use

Place over pole

Place the Easy Windbreak Tool over the top of the windbreak pole

Grip firmly

Grip the handle firmly keeping your hand out of harms way

Windbreak tool

Hit with mallet

Hit the top with a rubber mallet until the pole is securely in the ground

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Designed to work

Designed to work

The natural angle of the interior cavity pushes the edge of the pole inwards when impacted to help prevent windbreak poles splitting


Carefully designed to withstand a hammering. The tool features a thick wall, a strengthened handle and is manufactured using the highest quality plastic

Manufactured in the UK

Manufactured in the UK

Invented, designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest quality. Patent pending.

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